Boarding your dog at Chasin’ Tails

All Play-Time, No Cage-Time!™

Introducing the Open-Care Concept in Dog Boarding

At Chasin’ Tails, we coined the phrase “Open Care Concept” to mean that your dog is never kenneled during their stay at our boarding facility. By eliminating kennels, we have eliminated the stress and loneliness that goes along with being caged. Freedom of choice is the underlying philosophy at Chasin’ Tails. Your dog will get to play as much as he or she wants with other dogs. Dogs rest and relax whenever they want.

Chasin’ Tails: The Safer Boarding Choice for Your Dog

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that a minimum of two of our caregivers are watching over your dog 24 hours a day while he or she is staying with us.

Canine clients at Chasin’ Tails are placed in customized play areas in our indoor playground with fellow dogs of a similar size or activity level.

We Board Dogs, But Our Dogs Are Never Bored!

Nonstop fun — No Boring routine here! We have plenty of dogs that come for a day of daycare to play and interact with the boarding dogs. After a full day of play and after a romp/potty break in our 6000 sq. ft out door area, your dog gets to select the bed of his/her choice and settle down to rest.

Comfy beds — Our Kuranda (order here) orthopedic dog beds are the best option for your dogs. These chew proof, easily sanitizable beds offer firm, even support unmatched by any other brand.

Caring Staff 24 Hours a Day — Our caregivers are dedicated, educated, and experienced in the diverse field of canine care. As a result, all the guests at Chasin’ Tails are able to enjoy a stimulating and safe environment with friendly fellow dogs without physical barriers.

Please review the following documents:

The Benefits of the Chasin’ Tails Diet

New Client Registration
Vaccine and Parasite Waiver
Dog Boarding Prices:
(Taxes Not Included)
Overnight Boarding Rates One Dog Two Dogs Additional Dogs
1-9 nights $ 43.00 $ 77.40 $ 34.40/dog
10-19 nights $ 38.70 $ 65.79 $ 27.09/dog
20+ nights $ 32.25 $ 54.82 $ 22.57/dog
PLEASE NOTE: Check-out on the last day is Noon. Should your dog stay beyond check-out an Overnight Daycare charge is applied to your final bill.
Overnight Daycare Fee $ 26.40 $ 44.88 $ 18.48/dog

FOOD INCLUDED! We provide a premium veterinary diet intended to prevent any gastrointestinal issues.

The Benefits of The Chasin’ Tails Diet

Medication: Our trained staff can administer medication for a $2.00 fee

Additional Feeding: $ 3.00 per Feeding

*** Please note that all own food must be bagged individually for each meal. Please provide 1-2 days worth of extra meal. Bags and Containers will not be accepted

Exit Bath Special:

Book your exit bath during check-in and enjoy a 25% discount off our regular prices. But what you’ll really enjoy is taking home a freshly bathed dog! Includes a nail trim, ear cleaning, bath and brush-out. We finish this off  with a spritz of clean scent and a cute bandana. Prices depend upon breed.

Vaccinations: Dogs must be up to date with their vaccinations for Rabies and DHLPP (also known as D4 or DA2P). Puppies must have completed 3 sets of vaccinations (“puppy shots”). The Bordatella vaccine, in addition to lice/mite prevention, is highly recommended for any and all dogs who come into contact with other dogs.

Spaying/Neutering Requirement: All Dogs must be spayed by the age of 6 months (Please call for clarification if unsure.)

Making plans for the next winter holiday season?

From mid-December to the first week of January, RATES AND POLICIES FOR DOG BOARDING DO CHANGE. Plus, we require a non-refundable deposit (which does go towards your final balance owing) and your signature to acknowledge our different holiday policies/rates. Discounts do not apply during our busy holiday period, except for the multi-dog discount.

Come check us out!

Tours are always welcome — no appointment necessary!