Your Dog Will Love Chasin’ Tails Doggy Daycare

Show your canine companion how much you care about his or her well-being! Whether you’re busy working and don’t want to leave your dogs home alone, or just want them to get some social time with other dogs, Chasin’ Tails can offer all the recreation they need in our convenient, state-of-the-art Calgary dog daycare center.

Bring your pooch to the doggy daycare whose motto is All Play-Time, No Cage-Time!™

Stress-free and Fun – for Dogs and Their People!

We all know dogs who destroy everything in their homes while their family is gone. That’s just one of many reasons that daycare for dogs is such a great idea! We have a super large park-like play area for active dogs to burn off their energy. After a full day of play, your canine pal will release all his or her pent-up, excess energy in a satisfying, productive way. You’ll notice the difference when you bring your dog home from daycare, ready to relax and enjoy the evening at home with you.

Chasin’ Tails’ canine clients get to hang out in customized play areas with fellow dogs of a similar size or activity level.

We’re All About the “CARE” in Doggy Day Care

Our 24-hour caregivers are dedicated, educated, and experienced in the diverse field of canine care. As a result, all the guests at Chasin’ Tails are able to enjoy a stimulating and safe environment with friendly fellow dogs without physical barriers.

Our dog daycare service is hassle-free for our canine clients and pet parents alike. No appointments are necessary, and our service is here for you seven days a week.

Please review the following documents:

The Benefits of the Chasin’ Tails Diet
New Client Registration
Vaccine and Parasite Waiver

Dog Daycare Prices:

We offer doggy daycare packages to make your life easier: use them when and how you want. They don’t need to be used consecutively and don’t expire for three years. We do not require commitments.

HALF DAY (less than 5 hours): $25 + tax

FULL DAY (5 hours or more): $35 + tax

MULTI-DOG DISCOUNT: Get a 30% discount when you bring an additional dog from the same household!

DAYCARE PACKAGES: Prepay for 5, 10, 20 or 40 visits and reduce your cost per visit!

Dog Daycare Package First Dog Each Additional Dog
5-day package $166.25 + Tax [$33.25/Day] $116.38 + Tax [$23.28/Day]
10-day package $315.00 + Tax [$31.50/Day] $220.50 + Tax [$22.05/Day]
20-day package $595.00 + Tax [$29.75/Day] $416.50 + Tax [$20.83/Day]
40-day package $1120 + Tax [$28.00/Day] $784.00 + Tax [$19.60/Day]

Note: Prepaid visits do not need to be used consecutively, and they don’t expire for 3 years.

FOOD INCLUDED! Meals for daycare dogs are available for $3.00 per feeding per dog, or we can feed your dog food you bring from home at no cost. Please bag your dog’s food for each meal individually.

MEDICATION: Our trained staff can administer medication for a $2.00 per administration per dog.

Our rates are increased during the Christmas season – please contact us for more information.

Vaccinations: Dogs must be up to date with their vaccinations for Rabies and DHLPP (also known as D4 or DA2P). Puppies must have completed 3 sets of vaccinations (“puppy shots”). The Bordatella vaccine, in addition to lice/mite prevention, is highly recommended for any and all dogs who come into contact with other dogs.

Spaying/Neutering Requirement: All dogs are required to be fixed by the age of 6 months. (Please call for clarification if unsure or have concerns.)