The Chasin’ Tails Difference

At Chasin’ Tails we understand that not all dogs have the same idea of what fun is. This is why we have multiple options for your dog depending on their preference.

Not sure where your dog fits best? Don’t worry, all dogs can come in for a free 3-5 hour assessment in our Free Play program, which K-9 Coaches will go over with you upon pick up.

Free Play

No appointments are necessary, and our service is here for you seven days a week.

Ed.U Play

Want more than just a play date for your dog?  Ed.U-Play offers a whole new option in daycare!

Vaccinations: Dogs must be up to date with their vaccinations for Rabies and DHLPP (also known as D4 or DA2P). Puppies must have completed 3 sets of vaccinations (“puppy shots”). The Bordetella vaccine, in addition to lice/mite prevention, is highly recommended for any and all dogs who come into contact with other dogs.

Spaying/Neutering Requirement: Open Care: All dogs must be spayed or neutered by the age of 6 months. Private Kennels:  Intact dogs welcome.