Dog Grooming

We offer a wide range of grooming services

Puppy Welcome Package

This is a FREE Bath & Brush for puppies who are 12 weeks – 4 months. This package is designed to introduce puppies to grooming at and early stage to create a comfortable experience with grooming in years to come. Puppies must have 2 sets of shots. This Promo is available for first groom only.

The Puppy Bath & Brush consists of a bath and brush, ear cleaning and a nail trim. On breeds that are applicable the groomer will introduce the sights and sounds of tools required in full grooms. A groomer will also do a consultation on ideal grooming schedule and at home care.

Puppies who have received our Puppy Welcome Package and are following up with their grooming schedule as directed by the groomer during consultation will recieve a discount on future services including bathing, tidying or full groom services offered for your specific breed and is available for puppies up to 12 months of age.

Bath & Brush

Our Bath & Brush service consists of a good bath with a specialty shampoo, followed by a thorough brushing to remove all of the dogs dead undercoat. This also acts to prevent any knots from forming. We finish with a thorough ear cleaning and nail trimming.

Bath & Tidy

A Bath & Tidy is a full bath and brush, nail trim, ear cleaning, as well as a tidy on the face, feet, groin and bum. It can also include hand scissoring to tidy the pants and feathers on longer coated breeds. This is a great service for clients in-between regular full groom dates, or for long/double coated breeds that do not require full grooms. Extra scissoring may be subject to extra charges.

Full Groom

Full Grooms are broken into 4 different categories based on what you are looking for:

  • Smoothy Clip: This is a shorter all over clip, including the entire body and face. Ears and tails can be styled in whatever way the owner requests. Some owners love this clip as it is very low maintenance.
  • Kennel Clip:  A shorter body clip with a longer stylized head. A lot of owners really love this clip as it expresses their dog’s personality and can be tailored for many breeds. Ears and tails can be styled in whatever way the owner requests.
  • Teddy Bear Clip: A long clip requiring a lot of hand scissoring. The hair is usually left at half an inch or longer. Owners will often choose this clip if they like their dog to stay very fluffy and plush looking. This clip requires a lot of skill and time and the dog will require frequent visits to the spa so that they do not become matted.
  • Breed Clip: This is a pet clip designed to make your dog look like it’s show style. These clips require a lot of expertise to get the style just right.

* All styles dependent on coat condition *

Add a Day of Doggy Daycare for Only $31.50!

If your pooch is sociable, consider letting him/her stay for a whole day of playing with fellow dogs when not being pampered in our spa. We do NOT recommend grooming and 1st day of daycare (assesment day) together.

Other services Chasin’ Tails Spa offers:

  • Nail Trimming/Nail Filing (No appointment needed between 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM daily)
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Contitioner
  • Foot Tidy- Trim around the foot & Shave out the pad
  • Face Tidy- Trim/Shave out stains around eyes & maintain visor to help keep hair from being in front of eyes
  • Hair-Dyeing – Price vary please call for details

After a full treatment at Chasin’ Tails, your animal companion will be completely transformed. We’ll even send them home with a complimentary bandana.

Vaccinations: Dogs must be up to date with their vaccinations for Rabies and DHLPP (also known as D4 or DA2P). The Bordetella vaccine, in addition to lice/mite prevention, is highly recommended for any and all dogs who come into contact with other dogs.

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