Dog Training

Specializing in Dog Behavior Modification, Relationship Building and Creating Balance.

Megan’s approach to training comes from a passion to better the life of both dog and owner. She strives to develop a relationship of understanding and compassion. She teaches you to have a well balanced life with your dogs by being  a great leader & fulfilling their instinctual needs.

Megan’s industry experiences date back to 2004. Starting off in pet stores as a Groomer and Companion Animal Health Technician, Megan got to know the health and wellness of many different dogs. Her passion however rested in behavior. She went on to work in handling large groups and understanding the instinctual mind of the canine world. She also works closely with No Bars rescue, training and acclimatizing small rescue dogs into their new homes.


  • Animal Behavior Collage – Certified Dog Trainer
  • PIJAC – Certified Canine Specialist
  • Outstanding Pet Care University – Basic Training for Pet Care Facilities
  • Walks N’ Wags – Pet First Aid
  • K9 Life Line- Dealing with Difficult Dogs
  • Training Cesar’s Way – Fundamentals workshop
  • Currently enrolled in the E-Learning for dogs CPDT-exam study course for CCPDT certification

Member of:

  • International Association of Canine Professionals
  • Canadian Association of Pet Dog Trainers

Why you might seek a trainer??

  • Building a stronger relationship with you and your dog
  • Corrections: Tools and how to use them
  • Dealing with unwanted behavior – how to prevent
  • Feeding time: calm and structured
  • Grooming : What your breed needs and how to maintain between grooms
  • Socializing with other dogs and people
  • Helping insecure dogs have more confidence

Jump Start Evaluation – $ 100.00

This 1 hour evaluation with a trainer, will lay the foundation for creating balance and calm with your dog.  This will put you on the right path for success and a stronger bond with you and your dog . The trainer will go through options that will best suit your dog’s individual needs.

A Jump Start Evaluation also qualifies you for the these follow up activities:

Stuctured walks – Free

  • Drop by and meet as a group to enjoy a structured walk. All dogs must use a 6 foot lead (See Facebook for details)

Switch to calm – $10.00 (Cash only)

  • This drop in class focuses on creating a calm state of mind by practicing patience while dealing with distractions. In this class we will exercise and play games to further build the owner/dog relationship.

Day School – $43.00 (Appointment Needed)

  • The trainer creates, and maintains a relationship of trust and respect with the dog by exercising their body and mind through activities specifically designed for your dog.

Puppy Classes – $10.00

  • Learn how set your puppy up with everything it needs to learn its puppy manners!  Learn basic obedience, socialization and relationship building in a fun and safe environment.

Obedience And Agility – $10.00

  • This drop in class is aimed at maintaining the basics to dog obedience with a mix of agility activities to work on your dogs confidence.

Board and Train –

In these programs your dog checks into boarding where they have a private 6’ X 4’ kennel with 24 hour access to water and a minimum of 3 outdoor potty visits per day. During their stay the trainer will take them out to work individually on structured activities including feeding regimens, socialization, day school and any additional problem behaviors. Your Jump start evaluation fees will be applied towards your Board and Train costs. Any tools required for training are included with the packages.

4 Night package – $695
7 Night package – $995

Playground (45 min)

These agility based activities teach owners how to build a trustworthy and respectful relationship with their dog, and build confidence in a private, uncrowded environment. This one-on-one class uses weave poles, A frames, jumps and tunnels.

  • 5 sessions for $ 180.00
  • $40 drop-in after the purchase of a package

Puppy Package – $ 250.00

With any puppy it’s important to start off on the right track to avoid behavior problems in the future. This puppy package will help establish your relationship and routine for inside and outside the home. During your 1 hour sit down with a trained we will work on your feeding ritual, housebreaking, leash manners and kennel training. It is then followed by 2 kindergarten day classes which introduces the puppy to social situations. This goes through the proper meet and greet with all sizes and energy levels as well as polite play. For support through training there is 2 drop in classes included see details above.


  • Two – 1 hour sit downs with a trainer.
  • Two – Kindergarten Days
  • Two – Drop in classes

Rescue Package – $ 250.00

Every rescue has had different experiences which shape it into the dog it is when it is welcomed into a new forever home. This package will go through setting your new dog up in your home, introducing them to an existing dog, and dealing with difficult behaviors. Then your new addition goes to Day School where they can work on the social aspect, building relationships and trust with dogs and people. Socialization is integral to the rehabilitation process. Finally find support with the Switch to Calm drop in class. This dealing with distraction class helps build a relationship of trust and respect between the owner and their new dog.


  • Two – 1 hour sit downs with a trainer.
  • Two – Day School
  • Two – Drop in classes

Rotating Events

Follow us on social media for special events such as: dog socials, customer appreciation events and other charity events in support of our great partner rescue organizations!

*All programs come with Facebook & E-mail support for life