Chasin’ Tails Dog Training By:

Cindy Peacock, CPDT KA, KPA CTP – Head of dog behaviour

Lindsay Carnrite CPDT KSA, KPA CTP – Head of training department/lead trainer

Megan Brown, ABC CDT – Manager and training apprentice

Linda Barton, BCCSDip.DogBhv, CCS – Canine behavior consultant

Jesse Attril – Training apprentice

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Group Classes

Puppy Preschool Playtime:

Vaccinate your puppy against future behaviour problems with our Puppy Preschool Playtime.  It is proven that a lack of early socialization can have a detrimental effect on your dogs long term behaviour.  Start your puppy off on the right paw with our puppy playtime classes.  Help your puppy gain proper playtime manners and prevent over excitement on leash.  Classes are offered weekly.  Sign up for a single class or grab a package and get 5 classes for the price of 4!  This class is valid for puppies age 10-20 weeks.  All training is reinforcement based.  Puppies must have their second set of vaccines. Proof of vaccination and payment required upon registration.  Puppy parents should bring at least a half cup of bite sized puppy treats to class along with a mat for your puppy to lie on.  Puppies must be on a harness or regular flat collar with a 4 or 6 foot leash.  No choke or prong collars or Flexi leashes in the classroom please.

Puppy Preschool Playtime

Elementary Manners:

Take your dogs skills to the next level.  In this class we cover how to teach 10 behaviours that you will want your dog to know. We lay the foundation for good manners and then look at how these skills are applied in the real world situations, you need them most.  If your dog jumps on people, pulls on leash, doesn’t come when called or just won’t listen in general, Elementary Manners is the class for you.  Dogs enrolled in Elementary Manners must show proof of vaccination and provide payment upon registration.  Dogs should be 18 months and older to participate.  If your dog is less than 18 months, please see our “Teen Edition” of this class.   Class runs for 6 consecutive weeks, excluding holidays,  and each session is one hour long.  Our certified trainers teach using only the most humane and up to date methods.  Dogs must be wearing a harness or regular flat collar with a six foot leash.  No choke, prongs or Flexi leashes in the classroom.  People will be required to bring bite sized treats and a mat for your dog to lie on.

April 15

Elementary Manners Teen Edition:

Did your adorable puppy grow into an unruly adolescent?  This can be the most frustrating stage of a dogs life for owners and the time when most dogs are surrendered to shelters for behaviour problems.  Our special Teen Edition combines some common puppy problem solving with manners and socialization to keep you and your troublesome teenager on the right track. If your dog is five to eighteen months old, take advantage of our teen class to help you cope this challenging time in your dogs life. Classes are built around the science of the teenage brain and learning theory, using only the most humane and effective teaching methods. Class runs for 6 consecutive weeks, excluding holidays,  and each session is one hour long.  Payment and proof of up to date vaccinations are required upon registration.  No choke chains or prong collars and no Flea leashes in the classroom.  You will need a mat for your dog to lie on, bite sized tasty treats and a regular flat collar or harness with 6 foot leash.

April 24

L.I.F.E. Class for Reactive Dogs:

Are you embarrassed to walk your dog because of lunging, barking, pulling or general outbursts around other dogs or people? Then LIFE class can help. Whether your dog is fearful, frustrated or over aroused, learn skills to cope and change your dogs behaviour around the things that make him loose his mind.  L.I.F.E stand for Learning In a Functional Environment, which is just what your dog needs to start to manage his emotions.  By fixing the underlying cause of the reactivity, we do more than just stop the reaction, we change the way your dog thinks and feels around other dogs. This leads to stronger behavior changes with long lasting results. This 9 week class is kept small to ensure ample instructor student time and includes a full 2 hour seminar on dog communication. Proof of vaccinations and payment is required upon registration.  Dogs should be at least 20 weeks old.  No choke, prongs or Flexi leashes in the classroom. Other required materials may vary for each dog and will be discussed during orientation.

April 17 Early Start April 17 Late Start
May 14 Early Start May 14 Late Start

LIFE SUPPORT: (Classes are outdoors and will resume in the spring)

Have you completed our LIFE class or similar reactivity class, and want to keep improving your dogs skills?  Take advantage of our LIFE SUPPORT class and continue your training.  This class takes place outside with a maximum of 8 dogs and offers continued opportunity to practice your skills in a controlled environment.  On line registration required. Classes will meet at varying locations around the city.  Dogs must have completed L.I.F.E class or similar reinforcement based reactivity training to attend.  Proof of vaccination and payment is required upon registration.


Start Right! Assessments:

Not sure which class your dog needs? Get started with our Start Right! Assessment.  A 30 minute private sit down to assess your dogs behaviour and get your training started in the right direction.  In this one on one, we go over your dogs current behaviour and your goals.  We look at appropriate equipment for your dogs needs and which class or private training options will be the most beneficial for you.  If you choose to register for further training upon completion of the Strat Right! Assessment, you will receive 10% off any retail purchases and one free day in Edu.Play for your dog.

Start Right! Assessments

Private Consultations:

If the classroom doesn’t suit your needs or schedule, private sessions are your best option.  In these one on one sessions with a trainer we are able to address a variety of different behaviour concerns and develop a program tailored specifically to you and your dogs individual needs.  Prices vary depending on trainer.  Initial consultations are 1.5 hours and $150-$200, subsequent sessions are 1 hour and $100-$150. Package deals available.  Dogs must be up to date on vaccinations with proof required at time or registration. Payment also required upon registration.  All consultations will take place at Chasin Tails.  To book an In Home Consultation please click on the trainer logos at the top of the training page for more information.

Private training with Lindsay Initial Consultation Private training with Lindsay Follow up

Specialty Classes

Nose Game:

Learn how to harness your dog’s natural instinct to sniff and channel it into fun games that will burn physical and mental energy. Nose games helps dogs learn to problem solve, focus their energy and build confidence.  Classes are suitable for any dog, young or old, fearful, reactive or disabled.  Classes are kept small so each dog has ample play time.  Stay warm and tire your dog out all at the same time with our Nose Games class.  Dogs must be up to date on vaccination records, and wearing a flat buckle collar or harness and regular 6 foot leash. Proof of vaccination and payment required upon registration. Classes are 1 hour each and run on the same day/time for 5 consecutive 5 weeks with the exception of holidays/long weekends.  Dogs will be expected to settle in a crate or in their vehicle between turns.  Alternate arrangements may be made at the discretion of the instructor.  Please contact Chasin Tails should you have any questions about benching your dog between rounds.

April 14 May 5

Freestyle Foundations:

Canine musical freestyle falls under the “do more with your dog” category in dog training. Great for that brain drain in combo with building connection, confidence, physical endurance, and work ethic, freestyle is a wonderful activity that intermixes on-switches (dynamic behaviors) with off-switches (stationary behaviors). The result, improved connection and self-regulation in real-life. Plus, why simply walk, when you can strut around doing walking leg weaves and flicks!!! If you’re more fun, your dog will definitely be more into you than anything else.

April 1


At Chasin’ Tails, Freestyle Foundations covers four targeting foundation behaviors, nose touch targeting, following a moving target, paw targets, and mat stations, will be used to teach your dog a full smorgasbord of stationary and dynamic tricks to build their behavioral repertoire. Whether your intention is to continue on with Performance or just learn some sweet tricks, this course is great for dogs of any age. Moreover, you get an introduction to how behavior chains are built and the timing involved for cuing one behavior after another smoothly for a single reward at the end (2-5 behaviors). The goal behaviors on the menu: Stationary poses (sit, down, stand) in different orientations relative to handler, heel walks both sides of handler, different types of recalls (i.e., front, get-in or “swing”, finish right, peek-a-boo), legs weaves (sideways and walking), clockwise and counterclockwise spins, about turns, U-turns, and pivots, wrapping handler (“go round”), walking backwards/forwards (“cha cha cha”), side-stepping, pace changes in heel, and flicks (heel-turnout-heel).

Dogs must not be reactive or have shown aggression towards people and should have some foundation in mark and reward based training/foundation skills.  Dogs will need to be on a regular flat collar or harness with a standard 6 foot leash. No choke, prong, flexi leads allowed.  Owners will need a treat pouch with lots of bite sized delicious treats, clicker (if you intend to use one), non slip mat big enough for your dog to stand and lie down on comfortably (rubber backed bath mat or Yoga mat can work great), a fun attitude and willingness to learn!

April 1, 2019

PERFORMANCE. (Dates to be determined)

This is a next level course for those who have completed the Elements class.  In this course, the individual behaviors learned in The Elements will be combined into a 2-3 minute routine set to music, over the length of the 6-week course. You’ll learn more about putting together behavior chains of considerable length. More importantly, you get to have a blast and dance with your favourite furry partner. No dance experience required. However, my own labbie girl certainly adds an enthusiastic groove to her own heel walk and grins huge when I throw in my “Moves Like Jagger”.

Dogs must be UTD on vaccines, not have shown aggression towards people or dogs and should have some foundation in “mark and reward” based training/foundation skills.  Dogs will need to be on a regular flat collar or harness with a standard 6 foot leash. No choke chains, prong collars, flexi leads allowed.  Owners will need a treat pouch with lots of bite sized delicious treats, clicker (if you intend to use one), non slip mat big enough for your dog to stand and lie down on comfortably (rubber backed bath mat or Yoga mat can work great), a fun attitude and willingness to learn!

K-9 academy day school

Just for Fun!

Meet-up Events

Are you looking for a fun play group to socialize with your dog?

Join our Facebook group: “Calgary and Area Breed Specific Meet Up Events”

K-9 academy day school


Want more than just a play date for your dog?  You’ve come to the right place!  With our Edu.Play package your dog will get the best of both worlds!  A little social time and a lot of learning.  Your dog will learn some foundation skills and some fun ones too.  With a curriculum designed by certified trainers, you can be sure that your dog is learning in the safest and most effective way possible.

This program is designed for dog friendly dogs who play well with others, but can also accommodate dogs who don’t want any four legged friends. If you are waiting to alter your dog until they reach adulthood, Edu.Play has you covered too.  We accept intact dogs, as long as th Your dog gets 3 separate playtime opportunities, with or with out furry friends,  2 training sessions to focus on foundation obedience and fun party tricks, and some rest time to prevent over arousal.  This program must be scheduled online a minimum of 1 day in advance to ensure availability.

Full Day


Ed.u-play Packages

Prepay for 5 or 10 visits and reduce your cost per visit!

We offer training packages to make your life easier: use them when and how you want. They don’t need to be used consecutively and don’t expire for three years. We do not require commitments.

5 Day Package

$47.50per day
$47.50per day

10 Day Package

$45.00per day
$45.00per day

Monday – Friday

8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

ED.u-Play New Client ED.u-Play returning client

ED.vantage for Reactive Dogs

Want to improve your dogs EDucation by taking adVANTAGE of experienced certified trainers?  If your dog barks and lunges on leash, or suffers from play skills deficits, this is the program for you.  Our goal with the ED.vantage program is to help you, help your dog through their concerns.  Behaviour change is not a simple process as anyone who has tried to loose weight or stop biting their nails can attest to.  To get results,  you need to be committed to making the changes necessary and partaking in the training, but it can certainly help to have experienced trainers work with your dog and expedite the process. In this program your dog will get one on one time with our experienced trainers working on foundation skills and learning better behaviours around other dogs whether on leash or off.  If your dog plays well with other dogs off leash, they are welcome to partake in group play sessions too.

This program must be booked in advance and is a great compliment to our L.I.F.E class for reactive dogs.  Unfortunately we can not accommodate dogs that have shown aggression towards people.  Please call to book a private consultation if you have a dog that displays aggression towards humans.

Full Day


Ed.Vantage Packages

Prepay for 6, 9 or 12 visits and reduce your cost per visit!

We offer training packages to make your life easier: we recommend to use them consecutively. However they don’t need to be used consecutively and don’t expire for three years. We do not require commitments.

6 Day Package

$71.25per day
$71.25per day

9 Day Package

$67.50per day
$67.50per day

12 Day Package

$63.75per day
$63.75per day

Tuesday – Thursday

8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

ED.vantage New Client ED.vantage returning client

Not sure where your dog fits? No problem, call and speak to one of our trainers at (403) 293-3261